Restaurant Table Linens

Supreme Laundry and Cleaners is a full service commercial laundry and dry cleaning business. We have thirteen retail locations, a full line of linen rental services, industrial uniform rental programs and a dust control division to serve El Paso and Southern New Mexico. At Supreme, we supply all industries including hospitality, healthcare, automotive and hotels. Our retail dry cleaning locations are strategically located across the region to provide our customers with unsurpassed customer service.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services


Silks, cottons and linen, oh my! Leave it to us experts to handle your garments with care. Here at Supreme Laundry there’s no reason you can’t look good all season. We’ve got the best starch in town and a service that can’t be beat. Our good old fashioned experience mixed with state of the art technology always keeps you looking your best.

Bridal Gowns Handled with Care . . .

Bridal Gowns

While you’re enjoying your honeymoon let our gown preservation specialists turn your beautiful gown into a heirloom for future generations. Each bridal gown is placed in its own decorative, archival-quality box to be protected from the elements and the effects of time itself. You can trust our gentle cleaning from the top of the head-piece to the tip of the train.

Bring in Your Household Items

Items like comforters, bedspreads and draperies require large equipment for proper care. Bring them to us. We promise you more dirt out of your area rugs and sparkling patterns and colors in your comforters and drapes all over again! Why take chances? You can be sure when you bring them to Supreme -where we put the comfort back in your comforters.

Come in today and discover why Supreme Laundry and Cleaners has been your supreme choice since 1948.